This calls for a Champagne Celebration!

There's nothing like opening a chilled bottle of Champagne. It's the sound of celebration! Now, most of us are quite familiar with the standard 75cl bottles that serve 6-8 people and those extra special Magnums, as well! However, did you know that some Champagnes range from 20cl to 15 liter bottles?! And to make it even more fascinating, each of these gorgeous bottles are named after biblical figures! (I'll save that odd fact for another day and another post.) ;) 

The Nebuchadnezzar, the largest of all Champagne bottles, holds an average of 20 standard bottles and stands at 31 inches high! A joint effort will certainly be required when it comes to serving that baby at your big event! 

The following is a super cool list of everything in-between when it comes to the discussion of oversized Champagne bottles; their intriguing names, sizes and equivalents:

Bottle                       Size              Equivalent
Magnum                 150cl             2 Standard Bottles      Serves 12
Jeroboam              300cl            4 Standard Bottles      Serves 24
Methuselah            600cl            8 Standard Bottles      Serves 48
Salmanazar            900cl           12 Standard Bottles      Serves 72
Balthazar               1200cl          16 Standard Bottles      Serves 96
Nebuchadnezzar   1500cl         20 Standard Bottles      Serves 120

So the next time you're planning your big event, don't settle for anything less than the best. Cheers to Champagne and reach for the Nebuchadnezzar! :) 

Love Life & Love Big, #happygirl