It's Summertime!

What makes you happy in the summer?

At the moment, the only sound I hear on this warm summer evening, are the songs of cicadas. Living in Alabama, I know no other way to go to sleep this time of the year than listening to the off-beat yet synchronized chirps of these amazing creatures!

It wasn't until, I moved to Europe for several years, that I realized how unique this summer sound was. I'd forgotten about it until I visited the South of France in July, 2005. The hot afternoon in Sisteron was turning into a warm evening when I began hearing the strangely recognizable sound. I couldn't believe my ears! How could I possibly have forgetten that phenomenal music performed by insects?! And how was it possible that just one small town in France had the same interesting bugs found all over the Southern States? It was truly fascinating. I realized at that moment, just how special this sounds had become to me over the years and how much they made me happy! Since then, I never take those, albeit weird, but amazing creatures' songs for granted!  

Love Life & Love Big, #happygirl

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